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  1. o whom this may concern:

    I’m a former Broward County student, graduated from Monarch in 2007.
    In Brief, I was 11 years old when I came out as being gay, not only to my parents but to my whole school. From then on depression, isolation, insecurities, and suicide attempts have taken place. It took time to discover that being gay doesn’t matter. And I gained knowledge that worrying about it, while there are so much more things to worry about in the world, really matters. And it breaks my heart not to be able to share my story with the LGBT community, those who have unnecessary taken their own lives for being ashamed of who they are. I want to become a public speaker perhaps write a book? I have several ideas on change and idea to make an impact on young lives. in that aspect and share my story, how I overcame diversity and have been able to move on from homophobia, bullying, and all the things that can lead to suicide and gay bashing and what not. Please give me this honor to help you individuals to suffer. Lets incorporate a no tolerance towards bullies in schools. I have a whole vision on how we can help, I just need the support from the Human Right campaign. Lets make a difference. Stop the hate. Stop the suicides of our young American youths, who see no way out. Let me share my story of overcoming diversity.

    Thank you so much and kind regards,
    Jared Kenwood

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