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Why is Equalities Training so important now?
How can GenderSpeaker Training Help?
Why a Transgender Awareness Workshop?
Bespoke Half Day Transgender Awareness Workshops
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Why is Equalities Training so important now?

When the plans for extensive public sector cuts were announced in 2010, it was the ”soft” areas including training and equalities that understandably bore the brunt of the initial cuts.  Now 5 years on, and with no sign of let up in the austerity programme, we are beginning to see the consequences of those cuts.

The problem is that when we stop investing in these soft areas for too long people start to make mistakes that can cost more than the saving from making the cuts. In particular there is evidence that staff are beginning to feel that equalities is not really important and hidden prejudice and unconscious bias is starting to impact decisions and behaviour.

Worse still, in the current political climate, we are beginning to see high profile people making discriminatory statements in public that encourage bigotry, racism, homophobia and other unacceptable behaviours.  And those hidden prejudices and unconscious biases are becoming more visible.

When this happens there are a number of possible repercussions;

  • Risk of fines and/or public reprimand
  • Loss of reputation
  • Considerable waste of limited staff resources
  • Huge cost in management time
  • Costs of consultants and legal action
  • Criminal prosecution of staff
  • Pressure on managers to resign


How can GenderSpeaker Training Help?

I can help your organisation to avoid these challenges.  I specialise in delivering equalities training with particular emphasis on three protected characteristics, Sex (or gender), Sexual Orientation and Gender Reassignment and can help you to address these important equalities areas while keeping the cost per head of awareness training low.

As one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and trainers, I have been delivering equality and diversity workshops and keynote presentations for over 10 years to staff from over 250 organisations, particularly local authorities, housing associations, educational bodies, the NHS,  criminal justice organisations and a growing number of private sector organisations.  I also work with the voluntary sector and can offer concessionary rates where appropriate.

My workshops and presentations are always interactive and entertaining, exploring the impact of the Equality Act 2010 focusing on sex, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation and human rights, while demonstrating how the principles discussed apply equally across all protected characteristics.

I use a variety of presentation methods – video clips, music, lecture, discussion, groups exercises, questions and answer, case studies and where I use PowerPoint – it is a visual aid.  No death by slides presentations.  Most importantly:

  1. I am a Trans Woman, so my presentations draw from real life experiences.
  2. I have an MSc degree in Gender Research so that I draw on extensive research and academic study of the topics.
  3. I have 25 years experience in Senior Management so my presentations address practical issues in the workplace.


Why Transgender Awareness Workshop?

While this workshop addresses three protected characteristic, the primary focus is on Transgender Awareness. The primary reason for this is time. To deal with three protected characteristics, sex, gender, gender reassignment and sexual orientation, all in detail in a single half day workshop it just too much to cover. That said – there is a huge amount of overlap between the topics.

The main reason why most Lesbian, Gay and Transgender people are discriminated against has little to do with any of the protected characteristics, and everything to do with gender non-conformity.  If any person does not conform to a male or female gender stereotypes many people will assume they are lesbian, gay or transgender. We explore the challenges of gender non-conformity in the workshop.

In addition many people are very confused by the whole idea of transgenderism. If a man changes gender to live as a woman, most people expect that they most therefore be sexually attracted to men – and this is not the case. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are completely different and we explore that difference in the workshop.

Recent research in the USA has revealed that around 90% of people have friends and acquaintances that are lesbian or gay while only 8% have transgender friends or acquaintances.  That is not surprising given that 6-10% of the population are lesbian or gay while less than 1% are transgender. This workshop provides an opportunity for every to meet someone who is transgender and ask any, and mean any, questions no matter how personal or “inappropriate”.

Finally there are some very specific and complex issues unique to transgender people. No other protected characteristic involves a long process of transition often involving complex hormonal and surgical intervention. We treat men and women very differently in society and when someone switches from one to another it is very easy for people to accidentally break the law. We look in details at gender recognition and harassment regulations in the workshop.

The focus of the workshop is on understanding and engaging effectively with transgender staff and service users. In order to achieve that we necessarily need to explore sexual orientation, sex discrimination, gender non-conformity, stereotypes and human rights and equality law, but we explore these complex topics in a very practical way.


Bespoke Half Day Transgender Awareness Workshops

The Transgender Awareness Workshop not off the shelf.  Whilst there are a number of core modules, every organisation is different and I spend time working with all my clients to ensure that the training is tailored to your specific needs. It could be aimed at front line staff, or managers, or a mix of staff from all disciplines. Your organisation may be a housing association, a social services department, a mental health team, a local authority, or a police force. All have slightly different requirements.

I work with organisations to deliver bespoke training that is best suited to your circumstances, budget and audience with presentations lasting from 1hour to 6 hours and to any number of participants.

Given the current climate of budget restraint however, where costs have become a major issue, most of my clients now opt for half day workshops.  But cost is not the only issue. Most of my clients have experienced significant reductions in staffing and that has resulted in managers often being reluctant to release staff for training. It certainly makes it more difficult to allow too many staff to attend a workshop or event at the same time.

As a result many of my clients have now requested that I deliver two workshops back to back on a single day at the same location.  This makes it easier to release staff, they are only away for half a day and because it is beneficial for me to deliver two workshops on a single day, I can provide a 50% discount on the second workshop.

There is no limit to the number of people attending a workshop, other than the physical limitations of your venue.  Most workshops however tend to be for 20-15 people – Though I have run them for much smaller numbers. I generally recommend a cafe or cabaret style of room layout with 5 or six participants around each table.  This makes it much easier to facilitate group discussion which is an important part of the training.  However that is not always practical and I can work with any appropriate room layout and am more than happy to provide advice on this.



Aims and Objectives

Each half day workshop lasts 3 hours with a fifteen minute break.  The aims and objectives of the workshop are:

To enable participants to

  • Understand the protected characteristic of Gender Reassignment and differentiate this from Sexual Orientation.
  • Understand the difficulties facing people who are gender variant in relation to life experiences generally and engaging with the public sector in particular.
  • Be able to engage more effectively with lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and other gender non conforming staff and services users.
  • Challenge stereotypes and take a human rights approach to diversity.
  • Be able to help to tackle prejudice and promote understanding within the workplace and the community.
  • Gain a practical understanding of impact of the Equality Act 2010 including the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) and the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Client specific requirements can easily be added to these aims and all workshops are tailored to your particular requirements. For example specific scenarios are discussed around issues related to the work experiences of your staff drawing on my experience of working with a wide range of organisations including local authority, housing, mental health, criminal justice, fire and rescue, education, children and young people, welfare and social services etc.

No handouts are provided at the workshop because in my experience most handouts tend to end up in a file where they are forgotten and quickly go out of date.  There is a high cost involved in developing and producing printed materials and therefore to keep costs low, I provide extensive additional material for participants on the Gender Speaker website including regular updates, comment and links to other resources.

More importantly my aim with this workshop is to bring about a change in understanding and behaviour. Should participants need specific help I regularly give advice over the phone, by email on in the forums on the site.  If I cannot help I will refer them to online resources on other web sites.


Training Costs

My aim is to keep the costs as low as possible – in particular the cost per head of training.

The fee for a half day workshop is £1000 plus reasonable expenses (outlined below)

If two half day workshops are delivered on a single day the second event is discounted by 50% – at total of £1500 for the full day plus reasonable expenses. If a full day extended workshop is required the fee is also £1500 for the day.

Most clients have 20-25 participants on a workshop making the cost per head as low as £40 on a single half day event or £30 per head with two workshops.

If your organisation is a non-profit or charity I can offer concessionary terms. Please contact me with an idea of your budget limitations.

Generally, travel to the training venue is by the most economic means – this is usually by car – unless the venue is in London when travel by train is preferred.

Car Travel is charged at 45p per mile plus and tolls and parking.

Rail Travel is second class rail plus taxis to the venue.

I am located in East Yorkshire and if the venue is more than a 2 hour drive from me, I usually prefer to travel on the previous day and stop overnight using a client recommended hotel or a 3 or 4 star local hotel.


Workshop Inquiry

If you would like to make an initial inquiry to hire Rikki Arundel to deliver training or to speak at or facilitate your event – please use this form and provide as much information as possible


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