Why I Think This World Should End - Prince Ea

Why I Think This World Should End – Prince Ea

Why I Think This World Should End is probably one of the most moving and inspirational poems I have ever heard – I had not even heard of Prince Ea before but have now watched a number of videos on his YouTube channel, and he is such an inspiration.  By the time I had finished listening to Why I Think This World Should End I was in tears – it really got me and its hardly surprising that since being published in September 2014 it has received well over 2 million views on his channel alone – and probably nearer to 4 million is you count in all the others who have republished it.



One thing that did shock me was the number of hugely negative comments other people have made about the poem, most of which only go to confirm the content of the poem – Then I watched this next short video on how to deal with haters – another inspiring video. Why and I posting these on the GenderSpeaker site?  Well the message throughout is all about dealing with discrimination and coping with a world full of hate – with LOVE. Please watch – and share – everyone needs to hear these messages.




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