Rikki Arundel - TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

I was very pleased to be invited to deliver my first TEDx Talk on Gender Identity at the TEDxWarwick Salon event last October.  It’s taken a while but the video recording of that talk has now been published on the TEDxWarwick Web site and on YouTube and has already received great reviews from a wide range of people.

I am really keen to get this talk noticed and create a debate on the topic.  I am adding a lot more content on the GenderSpeaker website on gender identity issues, especially this month being Women’s History Month. (Not sure why we don’t celebrate Women’s History Month in the UK – but we should,  so I am going to promote it anyway.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the Sex Discrimination Act and we still are a long way from achieving equality. I hope that my talk can contribute in some small way to advancing our progress.  If you have time – please do watch the video and then like and share it to help me get the message out.

My Aim with this TEDx Talk on Gender Identity has been to challenge people thinking. We all grow up with hugely stereotypical  views of gender which are imposed upon use the moment we are born and constantly reinforced first by encouragement from parents, family and friends and the media.  By about 3 years old the stereotypes are strongly embedded and then as we engage with others first at nursery and then at school these stereotypes are enforced, often by bullying and humiliation.

Gender Stereotypes inform how we grow up and what we do with our lives. Millions of people are prevented from following their own passion and talent simply because it means facing the gauntlet of gender policing by everyone around us. Sadly those people who have suffered the most by gender bullying are often the ones who are most vociferous in enforcing the rules. The most homophobic men are those who harbor the strongest secret homosexual desires.

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