Rikki Arundel - TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

I was very pleased to be invited to deliver my first TEDx Talk on Gender Identity at the TEDxWarwick Salon event last October.  It’s taken a while but the video recording of that talk has now been published on the TEDxWarwick Web site and on YouTube and has already received great reviews from a wide […]

Transsexual v Transvestite – is there really a difference

Transsexual, Transgender and Transvestite candidates for Philippines Beauty Pageant – can you tell which is which? {EAV:0220c2d2aa08fad0} I  asked this question on RosesForum – the leading UK online forum for trans people, on 21st  December 2005 in conjunction with my masters degree in gender research. The discussion was closed a month later on 21st January, partly because […]