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LGBTHistoryplogosmallFebruary is LGBT History Month in the UK, and 2015 the 10th annual celebration of LGBT history in the UK started by Sue Sanders in February 2005.  The inspiration for LGBT history Month came partly from its US equivalent in October each year, but mostly as a result of the work Sue had done through her Schools Out Project to raise awareness of LGBT issues in schools and her campaigning for the abolition of Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988

Many organisations throughout the UK take advantage of this month to promote LGBT equality and since 2005 I have been invited to speak at many University, College, Criminal Justice,  Local Authority and Housing Association events.  As a result I have over that time undertaken a huge amount of research into LGBT history to support those presentations and, much of which is now being added to this web site.

LGBThistory2015Each year there is a specific theme to the month in addition to the general theme of history.  This year however, being the 10th anniversary the overall theme is History. So this isa great opportunity for us to all to rewrite the history books and reveal the hidden truth about the past.

I will be adding blog posts and pages throughout the month which you can view by scrolling the carousel at the top of the page.

In particular I will be exploring the trans history in its full variety which includes all aspects of gender variance.

If you would like me to deliver a workshop or presentation to your staff or service users, please contact me. I can promise a very entertaining event full of surprises. LGBT History though seldom spoken about, has been very visible. Thousands of years of persecution and victimisation has left a rich trail of evidence of a history "Hidden In Plain Sight".

Did you know that Henry VIII made homosexuality a hanging offense, not to persecute gay men, but to destroy the Catholic Church in the Reformation? Did you know that Britain's first highwayman was in fact a woman called Mary Frith aka Moll Cutpurse who dressed as a man when it was illegal for women to do so? Did you know that William Shakespeare was in love with a trans woman and wrote most of his sonnets to this beautiful woman trapped in a mans body? 

Controversial ideas? Well that is the charm of LGBT History which has often been ignored or even changed to hide the fact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people were significant players in shaping our civilization. Look at how badly the British government treated Alan Turing, the man who cracked the German secret codes enabling the Allies to defeat Hitler and one of the most significant contribute the development of computer science.

LGBT History month provides a great opportunity set the record straight and give LGBT people their proper place in history. We cannot undo the many wrongs of the past, but we can at least recognise the huge contribution these man and women have made and through that recognition put an end to the persecution of the LGBT community that still goes on today.


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