Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger promotes Gay Pride

Kellogg’s the global food company, have supported the gay pride event in Atlanta Georgia this year.  They are not alone in supporting LGBT events as most major corporations including Apple, Google and Microsoft also actively promote equality and diversity. And it would be  commercial suicide to not do so. Corporations support gay pride events because it makes commercial sense to do so and most of them employ gay staff and have significant number of gay customers.

So how did I know that Kellogg’s had supported a gay pride event in America?  Well the American Family Association (AFA), notorious for its anti-gay policies and regarded by many as a hate organisation, has made lots of noise about the Kellogg’s advertisement that features Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s Frosties, wearing his stripes with PRIDE.

As a result of their hostile Facebook post the news has been picked up by many christian web sites stirring up lots of hateful comment and immediately attracting the attention of the gay press and others who just like to report a bun fight.  So thanks to the AFA and the subsequent Pink News article  this story has now gone viral creating a huge amount of positive publicity for Kellogg’s and frankly making christian look simply bigoted. How can supporting a pride event be interpreted as promoting a sexual lifestyle. They are simply promoting a social event and raising their commercial profile

What made me laugh was the final paragraph in the Pink News Article (which I had to read on the Chicago Pride site for some reason as I cannot access it on Pink News)

Ironically, the company’s founder John Harvey Kellogg was an advocate of abstinence, campaigning against masturbation and other forms of “excesses”, and refusing to have sex with his wife.

He presumably would not approve of Tony’s red handkerchief.

I’ll let you follow the link to the Wikipedia article on gay Handkerchief Codes and read for yourself what the red handkerchief means.

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