Victoria Derbyshire interactive guide to transgender kids

The story of two transgender children on Victoric Derbyshire

Monday saw the launch of a new BBC2 daily news and current affairs programme presented by Victoria Derbyshire.  Amazingly, following hot on the heals of Louis Theroux’ Transgender Kids on Sunday, Victoria has started the programme with a sensitive look at transgender children and transgender issues in the UK. Monday’s programme is still available at […]

Sex lessons for pupils aged five

Yesterday (3rd February), the Labour Party announced plans to tackle homophobia in schools by ensuring that all teachers receive training and make age appropriate sex and relationship education compulsory in all schools. Sounds like a sensible plan to me – but this morning (Wednesday) that bastion of homophobia, the Daily Mail, turned this into a […]

Inevitable Recession

I was interested to hear how David Cameron had to “edit” his speech today after initially suggesting that we should all follow the government way by “getting out of debt”. This immediately brought a hail of protests from business and economists claiming that encouraging the public to repay their debts would cause the economic problems […]