#MeToo – is Not Enough

#MeToo is trending worldwide and my facebook wall is filled with comment on this campaign. It all started on Sunday 15th October when actress Alyssa Milano posted a tweet in response to the growing number of women who have now revealed they were sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein.  I have wondered whether to comment on […]

Rikki Arundel - TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

I was very pleased to be invited to deliver my first TEDx Talk on Gender Identity at the TEDxWarwick Salon event last October.  It’s taken a while but the video recording of that talk has now been published on the TEDxWarwick Web site and on YouTube and has already received great reviews from a wide […]

GenderFlux Gender Blending Clothes

Gender Blending

In 1969 when I left home and moved to London, I didn’t really need to cross dress much because the hippy movement was in full swing. Flower power had brought with is a transformative change in clothing with tie dyed T-shirts, kaftans, loon pants, afghan coats, and all manner of other clothes and accessories that […]