Victoria Derbyshire interactive guide to transgender kids

The story of two transgender children on Victoric Derbyshire

Monday saw the launch of a new BBC2 daily news and current affairs programme presented by Victoria Derbyshire.  Amazingly, following hot on the heals of Louis Theroux’ Transgender Kids on Sunday, Victoria has started the programme with a sensitive look at transgender children and transgender issues in the UK. Monday’s programme is still available at […]

International Transgender Day Of Visibility

International Transgender Day Of Visibility – Is this really a good idea

So today, 31st March, is International Transgender Day Of Visibility.  It’s an idea started by Rachel Crandall-Crocker and Transgender Michigan as a day to visibly celebrate being transgender.  The goal of the day is to raise awareness of the discrimination and harassment experienced by trans people and to encourage people to support trans people. However […]

Rikki Arundel - TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

TEDx Talk on Gender Identity

I was very pleased to be invited to deliver my first TEDx Talk on Gender Identity at the TEDxWarwick Salon event last October.  It’s taken a while but the video recording of that talk has now been published on the TEDxWarwick Web site and on YouTube and has already received great reviews from a wide […]

GenderFlux Gender Blending Clothes

Gender Blending

In 1969 when I left home and moved to London, I didn’t really need to cross dress much because the hippy movement was in full swing. Flower power had brought with is a transformative change in clothing with tie dyed T-shirts, kaftans, loon pants, afghan coats, and all manner of other clothes and accessories that […]

Sex lessons for pupils aged five

Yesterday (3rd February), the Labour Party announced plans to tackle homophobia in schools by ensuring that all teachers receive training and make age appropriate sex and relationship education compulsory in all schools. Sounds like a sensible plan to me – but this morning (Wednesday) that bastion of homophobia, the Daily Mail, turned this into a […]