#31DaysLive – Join me for my Daily Live Streaming Challenge

10 days ago I decided to embark on a personal #31DaysLive challenge – to go live on the internet every day for the next month.  Why have I taken on this challenge?  Well,  I can’t explain why, but having spoken professionally for over 30 years to audiences numbering in the thousands, I was shocked to discover that, faced with a single camera in an empty room, I found myself stumbling and stammering like a newbie speaker.

I’ll be really honest here.  I have been planning to create some online training courses and a youtube channel for a couple of years – yeah!  that long. I have spent countless hours planning, writing scripts, learning video editing and testing various different services and products.  I have enrolled in hundreds of Udemy and LinkedIn courses to master every aspect of creating a home recording studio, learning the craft of video blogging and podcasting, improving my powerpoint and keynote skills and becoming confident on camera. All this in an effort to create the perfect video output – without ever producing a single minute of video.

A year ago I was invited by Wendy Keir to participate in a virtual summit talking about one of my areas of topic expertise, Storytelling.  That was delivered as a recorded interview with Wendy.  I was then asked to join her new #VirtualSpeakingPros service, as an expert and deliver a six part master class training on this same topic.  This was delivered as a series of monthly live training sessions in a private membership group and will be turned into a course once the programme finishes in November.

I mention this because it was the start of overcoming my unexpected fear of speaking on camera. If you have this same fear, and it is my experience that a lot of otherwise confident speakers fall apart in front of a camera, being interviewed and delivering to a live group of people are great ways to start mastering live streaming. I found speaking to other people live much easier than speaking to a camera.

But I still needed to master this. Then a couple of weeks ago I came across a quote that had once made a huge difference in my life.

“Do what you Fear.  Then keep on doing it, until you are no longer afraid”

Wiliam Penn Pareick – Founder of Holiday Magic and Leadership Dynamics.

Then I kept seeing another comment from live streamers – “Just Do It!”

Making mistakes is OK – it makes us human. If we stumble, just move on, – and that’s the essence of Live streaming – It’s all about being human, being real, engaging with people, not perfect presentations. So I went for it,  committing publically to a #31DaysLive challenge to just do it, and learn on the way. And what an amazing 10 days it has been. My confidence has grown, I am getting people coming forward to be interviewed, and I have finally got started recording videos for my online course.

Live streaming is taking off in a big way. OK so it’s not new, but it is really just moving out of the early adopters phase.  We are at the stage where small businesses have an advantage. The market has not been flooded with professional live broadcasts from large corporations and we can “Just do it!” And I especially recommend this if you are involved in a charity or social enterprise – this is a fantastic way to reach out to people without huge cost.

There is a learning curve.  There are a lot of live streaming services – Periscope/Twitter Live, YouTube Live,  FireTalk, Facebook Live and this week Microsoft is rolling out LinkedIn Video. In addition, there are loads of webinar and video conferencing services like GoTo Meetings, Zoom, WebJam just to name a few. And then there are services that add functionality to live broadcast like BeLive and CrowdCast. That may all sound very confusing – but it’s not.

One of the topics I am covering in my #31DaysLive challenge is how to live stream and there are also lots of enthusiastic live streamers setting up inexpensive services to help us. Subscribe to this blog, to my youtube channel, and follow my daily shows and I will point you in the direction of help and show you what I have learned. You can find my #31DaysLive challenge broadcasts below.

Most of these broadcasts have a gender equality theme and please do comment – happy to engage in discussion with you. And do subscribe to this blog because I will be using live streaming more and more in a variety of ways that you can easily replicate.


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