Speaking about Sex, Gender and Equality

Engaging presentations and workshops on Transgender Awareness, LGBT History, Gender Equality and Unconscious Bias

Helping to Create a Fairer World…

My mission in life is to help create a fairer world in which every person’s gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are accepted and respected. The content in this site and blog is designed to contribute toward furthering that mission.

I deliver keynote presentations, seminars and workshops,  especially Transgender Awareness Training, for hundreds or organisations and if you are a Meeting Planner, L@D or Equalities Professional you will find the information you need to assess whether my services would meet the needs of your organisation

If you have attended one of my workshops or presentation you will know that I don't usually give out handouts that are filed and become out of date or get lost.  Here you will find an online resource for participants and audience members as a refresher on the presentation content and to extended background information on issues of sex, gender and equality.

The key to ending gender based discrimination and harassment is education and I hope you find this site to be an entertaining and enjoyable educational experience. Please don't hesitate to contact me or comment on anything you see here.

Rikki at TEDxWarwick on Gender Identity

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Welcome to my first eSpeaker LIVE Broadcast
Join me on Mondays at 1.30 0r 4.30 pm (BST) I will schedule the shows so that you can get a reminder - I welcome comments on the show and the timing- it's all very new and lots of room to improve. #eSpeaker #RikkiArundel
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001 - eSpeaKerLIVE - Where am I going from here
Having completed y #31DaysLIVE challenge I am now putting together a plan for how to move forward. Today I am outlining my thoughts - and invite any comments - How can I help you with your online speaking. #eSpeaker #RikkiArundel

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001 - GenderSpeakerLIVE - Episode 1 - Interview with Rebecca Jones
Welcome to my first regular GenderSpeakerLIVE Video podcast - I will be broadcasting every Friday - and today I am chatting with Speaker and Author Rebecca Jones who has just launched her new book Enterprise Within. We'll be talking about the book, the importance of mindset when working with staff and emotive language, particularly around gender and difference. #GenderSpeakerLIVE #RikkiArundel
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Day 31 of my #31DaysLIVE Challenge - It's done - It's been an amazing experience and such a steep learning curve - I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their online speaking confidence - JUST DO IT - and be prepared for what it teaches you. Today I am chatting with Abundance Coach Galina Hartshorn so be prepared for some serious positivity. ... See MoreSee Less

Day 31 of my #31DaysLIVE challenge - and today I am chatting with Galina Hartshorn, who describes herself as an Abundance Coach. So we will be talking about personal development and overcoming your barriers to success - and the inspiration for her coaching business, Bob Proctor. I also want to find out how Galina is using online video and how she sees this influencing her future. #eSpeaker #RikkiArundel

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Day 30 of my #31DaysLIVE Challenge - exploring Networking Skills with Jackie Groundsell and Mel Sherwood ... See MoreSee Less

It's Day 30 of my #31DaysLIVE challenge and I'm stretching myself again today with not one but Two awesome guests. Jackie Groundsell is the founder of 1230 TWC (The Women's Company) and the go to woman when it comes to networking - She is known as the Connector and we will be talking about the 1230 network meeting and how live streaming is impacting networking, My second guest is Pitch and Presentation Specialist Mel Sherwood and author of a brand new book The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business - which is the essential skills for successful networking. Mel also regularly coaches TEDx speakers so we'll be touching on getting on the TEDx stage and live streaming for speakers.

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Join me at 4.00 pm today (11.00 am Eastern) for Day 29 of my #31DaysLIVE challenge and an awesome chat with Live Stream Broadcasting guru Leland Best. We'll be chatting about all the latest tools and technologies and where it's all going as well as having a look at Lelands brand new book Best's Guide to Live Stream Video Broadcasting #bcbLIVE #RikkiArundel #eSpeaker ... See MoreSee Less

Day 29 - Interview with Live Stream Broadcasting guru Leland Best
When it comes to LiveStreaming there are few people who are more expert than my guest today - Leland Best is the author of Best's Guide to LIVE Steam Video Broadcasting so it's set to m=be an awesome chat - Will try to keep from getting too tekkie - but looking forward to chatting about whats happening in Livestream and where it's all going #31DaysLIVE #RikkiArundel #BCBLive #eSpeaker

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